Council #5780

Sacred Heart Council
    St. Margaret Church Madison, CT  

Upcomming Events

18-Oct 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
18-Oct 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
20-Oct               12 Noon  Golf Outing   Madison CC 
30-Oct           9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
5-Nov         All Masses  Boots to Suites   Church Hall 
6-Nov       All Masses  Books to Suites   Church Hall 
11-Nov  Craft Fair   Church Hall 
12-Nov  Craft Fair   Church Hall 
15-Nov 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
15-Nov 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
19-Nov             8:00-5:00  Tootsie Roll Drive   Stop and Shop 
27-Nov           9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
9-Dec          5:00-8:00  Family to Family Drop off   Pasrish Center 
10-Dec          7:30-11am  Family to Family Drop Off   Parish Center 
13-Dec  Christmas Party   TBD 
17-Jan 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
17-Jan 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
TBD  Basketball Free Throw 
29-Jan           9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
21-Feb 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
21-Feb 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
26-Feb           9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
11-Mar               All Day  St Pats Dinner   Church Hall 
21-Mar 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
21-Mar 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
26-Mar           9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
18-Apr 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
18-Apr 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
30-Apr  9:30 Mass   Coffee &   Church Hall 
16-May 6:30 PM  Office Meeting    Church Hall 
16-May 7:00 PM  Member Meeting   Church Hall 
18-May 6-9 PM  Steak & Cigar Dinner   Church Hall 
28-May         9:30 Mass  Coffee &   Church Hall 
31-May  Operation American Soldier   Church Hall 
                   TBD                TBD  Officer Installation   TBD